DOOMed to succeed

You always worry when something’s been away for a long time.

Is it going to be as good as you remember? Can they recapture their former glory? Does their style stand the test of time?

In the case of DOOM, it’s an overwhelming yes, yes and oh god yes yes yes.

We are in an era of pretty monotonous shooters. Some do it superbly, some do it atrociously but the first reaction to DOOM for many that come from playing those kinds of games is exactly this:

“Cor blimey, the sensitivity’s high on this one!”

However, once you take on the first few interactions with enemies, you instantly get why that is. You will be running, jumping, gunning and punching like an excited dog seeing it’s owner return from home.

It’s a real adrenalin rush that so many other games struggle to recreate, especially in FPS’s. There’s never a moment’s rest, you feel like that if you’re not in perpetual motion you’ll be dying so it’s a non-stop, all-out brawl for 10 minutes spurts with small sections of reprive in between.

The greatest compliment to give it to that end is that it’s so great and so intense, it’s exhausting. It was tough to play more than two levels at a time as you’re so on edge with every playthrough but it’s a drug you can’t pull yourself away from for long.

It’s a great looking game, even if some of the level design falls into either the “future building” or “hell” archetypes. All of the weapons feel weighty, all have their usefulness and that especially comes into the play with the extra modifiers you can use with every gun.

The enemies are varied, with different tactics working on new opponents and the cast of them is fantastically brought to life but sometimes they can feel a little too spongy. Other than the initial grunts, it can be tough to tell how much ammo you need to pump in certain enemies and it can even seem to differ between encounters.

The story is just, kind of, there. There’s hidden depth if you search for it and those that listen will get an interesting little plot but much like the Doomsayer himself, it’s just as easy to leave it as extra background noise to the screams of Hell’s minions.

If there is one random critique to be brought from this obscure reviewer, it’s the mapping of the BFG to the triangle button.

Yes, I was playing on PS4.

The problem with that is that I kept forgetting. Moments where I was fighting wave after wave thinking it was overwhelming when I was ignoring the OP gun that would have solved all my problems had I remembered it wasn’t with the rest of the guns but assigned to its own special button.

Online is a little clunky, unfortunately, and doesn’t really match the single player experience. With others running at speed, the euphoria wares off a little and fighting others just doesn’t give you quite the satisfaction as mowing through the hordes, which actually makes sense given the game’s style overall.

It’s a little late to jump on the bandwagon but at the cheap price you can get it at now and the 10-or-so hour campaign make this something you should definitely pick up during the current release lull.

Even if you’re a little unsure or don’t think it’ll be your cup of tea, a game like DOOM will change your mind very quickly.


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