Overwatch’s Year of the Rooster awakens the game yet again

Overwatch comin’ right back atcha with another event to kick off the new year.

The Chinese New Year, to be more precise, with the Year of the Rooster event now live until February 14th.

With that comes yet another new game mode for the next few weeks, this time choosing to do a Capture the Flag mode. There are three maps, all of them on the Chinese map Lijiang Tower and with a time limit of seven minutes or the first to score three flags.

It’s a fast, frantic game that encapsulates much of the other modes that Overwatch excels in but in a small microcosm of insanity. You will frequently charge into combat either defending or attacking or somewhere in between, attempting to desperately get the upper hand.

The time frame is key to that, pushing the pace and forcing players to go all-in. Games can sometimes hinge on one quick clutch play from someone nicking the flag late on and having the right characters around them to help out.

It’s not perfect, characters like D.Va and Pharrah that can move quickly up in the air can create quick matches where they simply can’t be stopped. Mei is a great disruptor for stopping others from following your flag bearer and the trifactor of Bastion/Symetra/Torbjorn are menaces for defending your flag.

That meant that each team needed at least one of the faster characters and one of the defenders but some were a little stubborn to change. This heroic writer would have done himself, had it not literally been the six characters he sucks at the most.

It’s fun, it’s quick and it keeps you going. Kind of like a shot of Red Bull, gets you wired but the cans are so small that you are always craving a little more.

Then you have too much, can’t sleep and feel like you may explode in some kind of way at any point.

Added to the content is the classic loot boxes with new items. Also added in-between this event and the previous one is the ability to have up to four voice lines and sprays, which is a nice little touch to use up some of those extras rather than just sticking to one.

The skins are what people are here for though and the style on most is pretty awesome. Mei gets two and the Chinese maiden has come under a little fire for her waist seeming smaller in the two traditional dresses she has.

Honestly, it’s not that bad. Those that like the curvier Ice Queen seem mortified that a woman might be wearing something that pulls at her shape but their minds seem to go for that Blizzard are making her “skinnier”, which doesn’t really look the case.

An Overwatch community going over the top on a female character’s appearance? That’s never happened before ever.

Such a rare occurrence.

Most are of a traditional Chinese style, Tracer and Mercy get some cool-looking garments while the legendary skins show some of their mythical beings. Junkrat has an interesting fireworks display around him, Zenyatta as Sanzang ala Journey to the West looks great and D.Va’s robot/tradition garb get-up is by far the standout.

Some like Ana’s, Bastion’s and Symetra’s especially are a little too generic. It’s not as bad of a selection as the Christmas event and nowhere near as bad as the Olympics one but it doesn’t get near the heights of the Halloween outfits.

Overall, this was another solid outing from Overwatch. They made a game mode that with a few tweaks could be a potential permanent addition and a set of skins that have a great look to the majority of them.

Now, with it finishing a day before Valentine’s Day, might the next event be soon around the corner? We wait and see.

Give me cupid Winston goddammit.


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