Nintendo Switch decides to pummel its own momentum

I hate get excited about something. Half the time there’s every right to be and it pays off, the other half leaves you feeling dejected while you slowly slide those notes back inside of your wallet like pretending you weren’t running for the bus just as it pulls off in front of you.

Yes, they pretty much let us down again with Nintendo pulling the same kind of trick they always do, failing to read the tea leaves. Instead, they read something from a far-away planet that they hope everyone wants.

Starting with the positives, the console looks good and reports are that it is a decent piece of kit. A lot of the games demoed at the events held over the world have been generally positive, the battery life is what was to be expected and the variety that will be available will please a lot of fans.

There’s a caveat to that though, which is nothing comes out until the Autumn.

At launch, the system will boast Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2 Switch and a Skylanders game. Mario Kart 8 will follow in late April before a relatively vast void before everyone else joins the party.

What a super incentive for people to get it the day it releases!

Okay, some are so hyped about Zelda that they will buy it for that but as for some of us who don’t care about it, shock horror, there’s nothing to get excited about on launch. Some of the games might be a little fun but when a console comes out, you want something meaty to dig your teeth into and unless you like Zelda, there’s nothing for a while.

Then there’s online, that will continue to be free. That is until the Autumn, where there will be a paid service like it’s competitors in the home console market and players will gain access to a selected NES or SNES game for a month.

First of all, how have Nintendo merited us paying for online? After years and years of friend codes and hoping for the best, they will need something drastically improved from latter versions to justify charging the public for the hassle.

Second, renting a game is not the same as owning. Despite the likely excellent library they’ll dip from and the nostalgia button they’ll tickle, it’s absolutely nothing compared to both what Xbox and PS4 offer with their services even if they sometimes don’t have the greatest games available.

Finally, chat is linked to an app for your smartphone instead of being linked to the console. That’s not to say that people don’t have phones but it seems incredibly short-sighted that you have to have another product working so that your chat with your mates while playing.

This is before you look at the accessories prices, where a Pro Controller will set you back a solid £60. If you lose the Joy-Con controllers, the bundle is £80 with one selling for £50, which are absolute insane amounts.

Yes, a PS4/Xbox controller is around £45-50 but at least one comes in the box. If you want to play in a way that’s reportedly the best, the Joy-Cons are reportedly awful on their own, then shell out some more dollars.

Saying all that, the price point and some of the games to come later will pull me in eventually. The new Mario is an interesting take, Skyrim on the go will be awesome and there’s bound to more in the future.

However, they have lost a first day sale, which I’m sure is the case for a fare few more. I still hope it can be a success but with that presentation and line-up, they may have to be a little more concerned than they were a month or so ago.


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