PSX hits everyone with them nostalgia feels

The November rush has come and gone so with the final month of the year winding down, it’s obviously time for some more press conferences before we not-so-tearfully wave goodbye to 2016.

Last week, we got the big boys at Sony delivering their annual individual hootenanny celebration PSX to deliver some final pot shots over the gantry before the festive season begins.

So, what was the big fuss all about? Well, nostalgia mainly, it seems.

Just like a scene from the current season of South Park, we were all bombarded by member berries as Sony confirmed PS4 remakes of Wipeout, Parapa the Rappa, Loco Roco and Patapon. While unfortunately for me I don’t member, it’s no surprise that they are testing the waters after the crazy reaction to the Crash Bandicoot announcement at E3.

Speaking of rose-tinted glasses, that trailer for the N. Sane trilogy actually had me a little giddy. The style is modernised without being totally removed from the original and with initial reports saying it feels like the PS1 classic as well, consider me absolutely head-over-heels sold.

It might have felt like a clunky control scheme in the past, but that’s what I want my member berries to taste like.

There were some nice little shout outs to games we haven’t heard much from for a while. Gravity Rush 2’s single player gave us a wink and Ni No Kuni 2 showed us a little thigh but it looks like both will be teasing us for a little while longer yet.

A new Marvel vs Capcom game was welcomed with polite applause and some vivacious whooping from the plants as well. It’s good to see it back, even if it is somewhat of a surprise to see it all and it could be the tonic to fill the fighting void in our hearts that Street Fighter V left open.

Then, for some reason, Knack 2 was revealed. The silence was really palpable, an announcement so unbelievable to some that sound could no longer be made.

I can’t even imagine the atmosphere at that moment unless I sat in a sound-proof room. All those non-existent people clamouring for this sequel are finally satisfied, all those hours laid awake thinking why you played that game and Sony give you exactly what you don’t want.

Uncharted gets some standalone content featuring Chloe, which again feels off. Although I’m yet to play it, the fourth was supposedly a convincing end for all the characters we cared about so to jump in as a insignificant extra that has been thrown in seems a little bit like a waste of time.

They finished with a bang though as Naughty Dog stepped up and revealed The Last Of US: Part 2. An older Ellie as the main character is an interesting route to take given what she added to the narrative by bringing colour to the world in conversations out of cutscenes.

She’s one of the best characters in video games over the past few years but will it be Joel adding in the colour? Is this going to take a different path entirely? It has me so intrigued for a number of reasons that I want to completely avoid anything from it until it’s released, which will at least get me to buy it.

Overall a decent stop-gap from our Christmas feast without too much to leap out of our seats for. A comfy starter before we get invited to more come January with Nintendo, where all of our hopes and dreams will either burn ever bright or shatter into a million pieces.

As for Sony, a solid little outing. Didn’t risk too much, played by their rules and stuck a simple landing.


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