Nintendo Switch is finally revealed

After months of speculation, leaks, patents and postulation, Nintendo have announced their newest console. I did a piece a few months back stating that they really needed to hit this one out of the park, so what are the initial impressions?

Well, so far, so good.

They came out last week with simply a trailer, which showed rather than told us exactly what we were getting. It’s a console that is portable, with two side controllers that can be used together or separately, detaching or attaching to the device whenever needed.

It’s seamless, you can take it wherever you go and you can connect with other users to create an almost LAN-like experience, assumingly through the internet. It also can be brought to roof parties because it’s “cool” and is crystal clear even in direct sunlight.

Okay, the last two jabs are at the silly video but overall, it said all it needed to say with just one minute of footage. The idea was clear enough from what was shown to at least get a gist of what we would be jumping into, which is all we needed.

It showed footage of a number of games, from current Wii U titles like Splatoon to unseen first party games like the seemingly new Mario game and third-party content like Skyrim and NBA 2k17. All of those were positive moves, showing what we can expect at least in the short-term without screaming them through a press release.

Then a date. Well, a month, which will be March 2017, so it’s not too far in the future, which is actually impressive. They did well to keep all the final names and details under wraps so long and the short turnover helps keep the hype going without too much of a flirtation period, so at least they aren’t fluttering their eyelashes at us for long.

So initial impressions, it’s a genius idea. Playing on the go is something a lot of people enjoy, especially in their native Japan and having the chance to play HD games that we’d play at home is a real plus point.

Killing dragons on my lunch break will be a pinnacle of human evolution, it really will.

The design looks nice, nothing too flashy and it looks much less Fisher Price than the Wii U. The side controllers do look a little fiddly, especially around the screen and when used for two-player games but the pro controller shown helped quell a few fears at least.

Afterwards, they showed a list of third-party developers who are on board, which is a good sign, if only we weren’t fed that same information for their previous console. Time will tell if they stay true to their word but at least for the time being, the games shown would make a really solid launch line-up.

Then again, they have screwed us before. They need a few solid games out the gate and a steady stream after to get us going, don’t throw them all out of the gate wrestling each other and don’t leave us hanging so long that we feel bad for even trying to give you that high-five.

There are still plenty of questions to answer, which will be in January, such as the price of the unit and the battery life of the console when out on the go. If they are too high and too short respectively, it could kill some of the initial optimism but if it’s right on both, it could be a huge seller.

£300 and a six-hour charge life is the dream, meet it and my wallet will mystically fly into their palms.

Even with a kind of dumb name, which seems to be a theme with this current generation, it has at least got people talking. Here are Nintendo again, trying to do something a little different but at least this time, it’s a concept people can get on board with.

My body is ready. Well, my eyes and my hands are, I don’t need much else than that this time. Curse you, Reggie.


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