Overwatch’s Halloween Terror is a real treat

After a month or so of normality, Blizzard have gone back to the eventing well to pull something out for the spooky October holiday. However, they decided against bringing back the auction house to Diablo 3 and instead created Overwatch’s Halloween Terror, another month of a creative brawl and numerous new skins.

This comes in on the heels of a Summer Games event that felt like a tester event. The Brawl was a stolen, popular idea that was hacked too often before they caused internet outrage with their locked skins that were pot luck instead of something you could earn

It looks like Blizzard learnt their lesson. Well, at least partially.

Let us look at the Brawl for starters, which is a much more concrete idea that mixes challenge and fun into a tasty pumpkin-spiced latte. You play as one of four heroes defending the castle from an outslaught courtesy of Dr Junkenstein and his horde of zombie monsters and reskinned heroes.

The playable characters are expertly mixed, with Hanzo, Ana, Soldier: 76 and McCree not strong enough in any category to make you feel overpowered or unstoppable. Add to that the difficulty, with it even being a challenge on medium and the enemy heroes posing a real threat, you never feel like you’re quite on top of things throughout the 10-minute thrill ride.

In fact, I would actually like to see them fully realise this concept into a future permanent game mode. It would need several tweaks so it could include different characters, or at least different styles of challenging Horde-mode vignettes and while I may be dreaming up something that’s impossible with the man power, it could be a really fantastic, innovative mode.

Blizzard also learned at least something from the skins debacle as well, with all outfits purchasable with coins. They are more expensive than their usual counterparts, which adds to their special-ness, but it’s still a shame that people can’t pay for them outright when they have the disposable income to do so.

You don’t want to buy a dozen kinder eggs that has the chance to give you that toy car you’ve been dreaming of if you can just buy the toy, it defeats the point. It would also make you incredibly fat.

The unlocks that are available are much more creative this time around as well. The Summer Games outfits were incredibly bland, almost looking like the stockroom of a Sports Direct with an equally insane consumer base that just wanted something nice.

However, the Halloween skins all have a great personality about them and some real thought about what would well with each character. The victory poses, with the tombstones, are all nice touches as well that give you some extra awards, along with logos and voice commands, rather than just praying for those tidy skins.

And that Mercy skin? Hot damn. That’s how you do a skin, ladies and gents.

The biggest plus point from the whole event is that it looks like Blizzard are listening to their community. They were not happy with the previous event, they went back to the drawing board and made sure this one hit all the right notes as players return in their droves.

Hopefully this trend continues for a potential Christmas update where we can finally have the Santa Roadhogg we all crave.

Or Mrs. Claus Mercy.

Or reindeer Winston.

The possibilities are seriously endless.


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