Overwatch’s Summer Games stumbles out the blocks

Sometimes you want to show something off but you blow it due to over eagerness. That might be being a little kind to Blizzard, who have pretty much wrecked their own recent update to Overwatch for the summer Olympics.

In this update, you can play Lucio Ball until August 22 as the brawl for the entire month. Taking very clear inspiration from Rocket League, teams of three compete for four minutes to score using Lucio’s abilities apart from shooting being replaced by his melee attack.

A novel concept, when you get the chance to play it. Out of the 10 attempts I tried, only two were full games that I joined from the beginning and even then, I was thrown into the deep end without any hints of what tactics I should employ.

Sometimes my blast shot would miss entirely, sometimes it would fly off into the distance. I still don’t quite understand how I managed to do either.

That’s when I could get a game. Six were within the final two minutes, with me joining the team that are already several goals down and the other two had Pharrah and Ana in them, which is a bug Blizzard are promising to fix.

Getting matched up to games that are already over that regularly is a real turn-off that will turn others away quickly. Being shot at and killed during what should be an entirely different experience is also ridiculous, especially as that patch needs to come as soon as possible to encourage people to play it.

Then you dip your toes into the loot box debacle and things getting maybe a little heated. The boxes are for a limited time with exclusive items but the caveat is that you cannot buy them with in-game currency, they can only be unlocked randomly through boxes either earned or purchased.

A brain-dead idea from a company that just about got it right the first time around. Their spiel will tell you they want them to feel special, which is all well and good but they won’t when they are on a character you do not use and punishing a fan base that would even happily part with what they’ve acquired through time in your game seems incredibly unfair and a cheap money-grabbing tactic.

In the end, the ideas involved were good but they flopped the landing and broke their neck. It’s a shame that their new mode for the month may never really hit it off but the way they’ve decided to handle the exclusive skins has rightfully left a sour taste in other’s mouths.

You live and you learn. Hopefully in the next update like this, Blizzard try to avoid angering casual players as well as those that they rightfully banned for cheating.

And if you haven’t seen those reactions yet, you need to find them, they are just precious. But say it quietly, because they are “legion”, apparently.


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