Nintendo NX needs to be a home run

There’s no denying it, Nintendo are not in the best of shape. Their shares fell once they let the secret “we haven’t done anything for Pokemon Go” out of the bag and they know if the NX isn’t a hit, they could be forced out of the hardware market.

The latter is the elephant in the room as we await exactly what they have on offer but with a plethora of rumours this week from major outlets, we are starting to get an idea of what it will be. To keep it simple, it will be almost an advancement on the Wii U’s idea of having a controller with a big screen but this time, it can be a game for your home TV and wherever else you might decide to be.

It seems like a pretty interesting idea, gaming on the go is a novel concept but it does come with some issues. The size of the console will be the first one, with no one wanting to clamber around a clunky deadweight and it can’t look too ridiculous when one does pull it out for a bit of fun.

Then there is the battery issues, can it hold enough charge while also maintaining strong graphical power? And if it isn’t playing the games like when you’re at home, then what’s the point in making it portable when there is already a 3DS in your catalogue and everyone has a smartphone to hand.

Processing power could become a sticking point, as the reports reveal that it was sacrificed a little for portability, meaning that it comes under current generation consoles. That might not put off everyone and it could still perform at a strong level but it can’t force third-party publishers to make adjustments or they will simply bomb again as they rely on their own catalogue.

What does seem strange, if these rumours are true, they are actually appealing to a more hardcore audience than people might expect. As I mentioned, everyone has a smartphone so what would be the viability to the common man for this kind of gaming on the move? And if it’s not as powerful as an Xbox One or a PS4, why would you get one instead of those?

Adding to that thought is the cartridge rumour, which builds nostalgia in all of those who remember the days when CD’s and DVDs were crazy future prospects. Gone are those adverts with mothers and granddads in asking them to break the TV on Wii golf, now the throwback train is rolling in to get everyone’s rose-tinted cash.

If it can at least come very close to current gen power, excluding the updates both Microsoft and Sony are looking to make, then it at least has a chance. If it can pull the hardcore audience, that can still pull in strong numbers, and then feed off that to gain a wider audience through its portability, it has a shot.

However, at the same time, it’s an enormous risk. Whatever they bring has to be backed with great titles from the off, it can’t wait for a big game around the corner or sales will simply not pick up the momentum they desperately need.

Nintendo currently sit on top of their tower, bloodied and battered, but with one more arrow in their quiver. They dip it in oil, set it alight. Do they destroy all that seek to oppose them? Or have they spilt that oil on themselves and go up in a shockingly embarrassing blaze? Only time will tell.



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