Why are developers revealing games before E3?

Has it really got to this? Are there really that many reveals at E3 that they have began to spill into the week ahead?

Here is a quick list on games that have either been revealed or had a new video on them in the past few days. Injustice 2, Watch Dogs 2, Agents of Mayhem, Conan, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Horizon Zero Dawn, Lego Dimensions, Gran Turismo Sport and Cuphead. That’s not including the likes of Mafia 3 and For Honor who have done teasers for their E3 videos.

It’s an incredible amount of games that are really eager for you to notice them just before the big event that starts on Sunday. In a move to avoid the information dump from Los Angeles, ironically, some will be forgotten in the shuffle of all the other, more interesting games that were announced early.

Then the others will be forgotten by the news that happens in E3 anyway. In fact, some will still be at the event, repeating what we have already seen in the hope that we can still talk about them or if you missed it the first time, they’ll throw it up again for you.

Do you want to know how silly it’s gotten? Another game popped up as I was writing this article. It’s in the list but a quick glance at Twitter and there’s another that wants its brief moment in the sun before it is blasted into oblivion by the blinding light of the big conference.

There are some plus points, at least we get fed a little bit of information early and it’s spread out a little. Some of the tactic works, we get to hear about some games that none of us will care about in three days time but at least they got some attention ahead of time.

It’s also incredibly stupid at the same time. They’ll be lost in the shuffle regardless of if they are early or not, the more important part of gaining hype is being interesting in the first place and clearly from some examples from above, they are worried about either being a footnote as a quiet sequel or new video or of being a non-entity they are that bad.

In the end, there is no avoiding the hype train. It destroys all in its path, either accept it or get out of the way. That’s not to say it’s a good thing, it’s abhorrent that we get so much news in a few days of the and try to sift through the tripe to actually find something good to hang our hats on to, but there’s not a way to change the system.

Live with the mundane, pray for a change. Hopefully one day we might get game announcements spread of the course of the year, imagine that nirvana.


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