Overtaken by the overwhelming Overwatch

Like everyone else on the internet at the moment, I am in love with Overwatch.

It’s absolutely fantastic, colourful and full of frantic action that is not really matched in any other multiplayer game on the market. There is a resemblance to Team Fortress 2 but it builds on that kind of formula to create a phenomena that’s sweeping the globe like a wonderful healing surge.

Blizzard have kept things as simple as possible. They have a handful of maps, only a few modes that are either pushing or defending a point and moving a payload but what they do best is make sure that everything within that is executed strongly to give an overall valuable product.

It also has a variety of different characters, all capable of filling any hole that you require in your team. Whether that’s the annoying terrier that nibbles at your heels like Tracer or the Play of the Game-bait turret like Bastion, there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

The clever thing that they have done is the ability to switch heroes at will, which can really turn things around in your favour. Not pushing a point hard enough? Pick a character that will. Get your arse handed to you? Pick something that counters what they have and open up a can of whoop ass for yourself to drink.

Saying that, the really great thing about having 21 playable heroes is that none of them are redundant or not viable as an option. Even when you think one of them is rubbish, you are then soundly beaten by said character, giving you that appreciation for how to play them properly.

That has inspired me to play as them on several occasions, only to completely suck as them and then regress back to my old habits. But then again, at least I tried, right?

The addiction to play one more game is also strong and Blizzard have done so well in festering that attitude. By the time you’ve watched the play of the game, got angry that it wasn’t you and it was almost certainly someone either playing as Bastion or using their ultimate, the next game is ready and it’s such a sneaky yet cunning way of giving you an excuse to play one more time.

However, this is not a completely faultless game and improvements will hopefully come soon. A ranked mode would be very welcome with plenty of run-and-gunners misunderstanding the spirit of the game currently playing, a cap on the same hero per team as winning with six Torbjorns was simply too easy and a steady stream of extra content will keep the game going for years to come.

Microtransactions are also present, which seems to be a permanent fixture in video games in the modern age, although the regularity of getting loot boxes through regular play helps you resist the temptation to pay your way to get the skins you desire. Even if the desire to make your Reindhart to look like an intimidating demon is super strong.

Overall, it’s really a great game that keeps drawing you back in time and time again. It just knows what it wanted to do and executes it to almost perfection, when a quality game is going it really sings and even if you’re losing, you won’t find many more exiting or just fun experiences on the market.


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