Call of Duty marks a new low in pre-order tactics

Just when you think that the gaming industry has pulled all the dirty tricks it could ever come up with, it pulls another rabbit out of that hat.

At the start of the month, Activision announced their next instalment of Call of Duty, Infinite Warfare.

I know, how unpredictable.

What was surprising was the announcement following the announcement, when they revealed that they would also be releasing a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The classic that really kicked off the realistic multiplayer FPS wave we have all endured over the past decade.

However, as it always seems to be nowadays, there was a caveat. The only way to access the game was to purchase the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare, which at the time of writing costs £69 on Amazon for either of the home consoles.

So let’s imagine a scenario. You really enjoy cake but the only way you could get that cake was that you had to buy ten loafs of bread. You didn’t have to do anything with the bread, even though you bought it, but at least you would get the cake.

That’s exactly what Activision wants to happen with this venture. The sales of the annual Call of Duty have stagnated but are yet to dip significantly, yet they are still trying to find a way to get consumers to buy the new game and better still, give them more money for the privilage.

The reason I say that is because they will inevitably give out the remastered Modern Warfare as a standalone title somewhere down the line. After the first slew of sales have gone in three months time, they will try to pick up anyone who wanted to play it but did not want to fork out the money and swallow some more money that way.

It’s a pretty terrible practice but the worst of it will be that it will be ignored by most. The casual fan will likely be delighted to pay that bit more for a game they love and a game they would buy anyway, which they have every right to do, but all it will do is convince companies that this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

This isn’t really a warning to those who will want both, I sincerely hope you enjoy it and the cost is roughly about right as Modern Warfare will probably be around £30 when it goes standalone. However, if you are in the crowd of wanting a taste of that glorious 13-year-old rage over the internet as you call your enemies every name under the sun, hold your ground.

I know, it may seem an alien concept to wait in this generation and some will be terrified that they will be left behind by those who will 360 no-scope them once they do get it. Do not allow them to fool you with their witchcraft, get them to burn the hat they keep pulling these damn rabbits out of and put them on the naughty step for this one so it may never happen again.

Until it totally happens again but you know, it’s worth a go.


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